Werewolf Split EP

by Sohns & The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

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    Split between San Antonio, TX powerhouses: Sohns and The Grasshopper Lies Heavy.

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released June 30, 2009



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Formed in '06.

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Track Name: Sohns - New Reasons
i ain't waitin on this ghost.
i've been waiting for too long.....

this ain't no city! this ain't no city!
can't be no city! can't be no city!
this ain't no city, not in the sense we once knew

sinkin' in the sin we're in!
all them tar filled weights, dragging our mass floor-bound.

oh, with special ties, elaborate bows of twine, they'll cauterize!
and relieve you of your precious skin.

but are we better for it?


i've been waitin' for years.
we're too late, it's too late

i've been waitin for years.
god it's just too much to bear.

i've been waitin oh waitin oh waitin, oh! i've been waitin'.

(it's a calm and it comes with a word!)
just spare me your influence.
(put it in a sentence!)
we'll if you won't, will you gore my organs?
(it'll give you influence! it'll give you patience!)

pray, let this swarm of birds consume my flesh till the bones are left for the perils that wait.

i'd rather that, than hold
this shit stain excuse for a fucking culture..

originality is in fucking pieces

and, if everyone is an artist, art is fucking dead.

fucking dead.
Track Name: Sohns - Pieces and Pieces and Pieces...
Don't you dare
I want my body!
sex, -ex, sexual
oh! oh!

I know you need it, you know I want it.
sex, -ex, sexual
oh! oh! oh!

your mouth is a sex rusted death trap!
lord, i'll make it clean.

lord, i'll make you clean.
..make you clean.

with the sound of my voice.

and when you feel my hot breath pouring down your throat.

your tongue tells a different story
your teeth are apologizing!

these mistakes are becoming on me...

is it pleasant now?

the brazen tension,
that forms this massive mountain, is mummified!

cause we're loud as fuck.

atop this buried mountain, they curse our sounds.

much too abrasive for the committee oppressive!

we've sealed their ears together, and they don't like it.

I'll tear the voice right out their throats!
(make it nice and tight!)

making harmless,
(make it louder!)

their clean clean mouths!

and all that's left are the
pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces